The 9-2x Aero lives!!

It’s always the way……

Thanks to a generous reader I had some advance knowledge of this yesterday. He was going to be Djup Strupe III. But, I had five posts already yesterday and I figured there’s no way Saab are going to release 9-2x news this week, what with the 9-5 facelift coming out at the end of the week.

Then Ken emails me with news of the press release!! Grrrrrr.

P, thanks for the inside info – I wish I’d got it to screen straight away……

***puts on a happy face***

Following is some fantastic news about the continuation of the 9-2x, the new engine variants and nomenclature. All you 9-2x fans can read and go nuts!!

In short, the Aero lives and in line with the value pricing strategy they’re giving it a bigger engine, a 2.5 litre turbocharged boxer cranking out 230hp. The big challenge, of course, is to sell this car without the massive incentives that have been needed so far.

Anyway, read on and plan your purchase. The best WRX on the market is once again at your local Saab dealer…..


Saab 9-2X gets More Horsepower for 2006, Pricing Unchanged

Detroit, Mich. — The all-wheel drive Saab 9-2X enters its second year of production with a more powerful engine in the Aero model, more horsepower and a new name for the base model, and simplified option packages. At the same time, MSRP’s for 2006 9-2X’s remain unchanged from 2005.

The 2006 9-2X Aero pays tribute to Saab’s signature torque heritage with a new 2.5L turbo 4-cylinder boxer engine that makes 230 horsepower @ 5,600 rpm and 235 lb. ft of torque @ 3,600 rpm (up from 227-hp/217 lb. ft. last year).

Seventeen-inch all-season tires will be available on the Aero. Sixteen-inch all-season rubber continues to be standard on both 2.5i and Aero models.

The former Linear model will now be called the 2.5i, reflecting the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. This naturally aspirated engine is now rated at 173-hp @ 6,000 rpm, up eight horsepower from last year. Peak torque is slightly adjusted to 166 lb.-ft. @ 4,400 rpm.

9-2X MSRP’s remain unchanged in 2006 at $22,990 for the 2.5i and $26,950 for the Aero. Destination charges, however, will increase $25 to $720, bringing the prices to $23,710 and $27,670, respectively.

An available Leather Package includes leather appointed seats and door inserts on the Aero. The 2.5i also gets a leather steering wheel, gearshift knob, and hand brake boot. 2005’s Premium Package is deleted from both models.

The 9-2X Aero’s Sport Package is revised to include 17-inch wheels with all-season performance tread and xenon headlamps. The power moonroof on the Aero becomes a stand-alone option.

The 2006 9-2X Aero will be available in Midnight Black Mica, Arctic Silver Metallic and Brilliant Red.

The full-time all-wheel drive system, four-wheel disc brakes with ABS and four-speed automatic/five speed manual transmissions remain unchanged for 2006.

The 9-2X is part of the most aggressive product development offensive in Saab’s 58-year history as an automaker. Also in 2005, Saab introduced its first-ever SUV, the 9-7X, and will launch the five-door 9-3 SportCombi and a refreshed 9-5 Sedan and SportCombi. All 2006 9-3 Aero models will feature a new 2.8L Turbo V6 that generates 250-hp and 258 lb. ft. of torque as standard equipment.

Saab is a division of General Motors Corp. Saab USA is the importer and distributor of Saab 9-2X, 9-3 and 9-5 automobiles and the distributor of the 9-7X sport utility for Saab Automobile AB, Sweden. For more information, please visit

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  1. Ken, forgive me, but I don’t get it – OK, got it now, I think my sleepy haze made me see ‘wierd’ when you’d written ‘wired’.

    This news release in the middle of the Tasmanian night problem: yet again.

  2. I see that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( rates the Impreza a Best Pick, good in all categories. So, I guess the 9-2x, being based on the Impreza WRX, continues SAAB’s reputation for building safe vehicles. Does anyone know how well it holds up in a rollover? I love that old SAAB 99 photo where they dropped the car from 6 or 7 feet high onto its roof. I wish they tested all cars like that. For that matter, I wonder how well the 9-3 and 9-5 would fare.

  3. PT,

    Unsure about that, but the tail end does hint at a cat being let out of a bag, doesn’t it?

    There’s been nothing official to say that the 9-5 will get the V6. However, I’m pretty sure that one of the spyshots seen has had dual tailpipes. In addition, it makes no sense to have your top model having a smaller engine that your next model down, even if the 4cyl is tweaked to 10hp more. Finally, I have heard from an insider (Djup Strupe – see the Spy Stories post) that the 9-5 will get the V6.

    But, as I said, nothing official has come forth.

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