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I thought this might be fun.

I’ve designed a few T-shirts and will get around to some other stuff in the near future. I’ll add all new products to this page as they are designed.

The merchandise is produced through Cafepress. I’ve put what I think are reasonable prices on each item, just a small markup from Cafepress’ base price.

It’s all a little bit of fun. I’ve ordered the Convertible shirt myself, though it hasn’t arrived yet. If the quality’s no good then I’ll remove this whole shebang quick-smart. I don’t have any interest in passing on dodgy products to readers.

You can get to the Cafepress Trollhattan store by clicking here. Below is a quick look at the products. Have some fun.

The Convertible Shirt

cafepress.jpgclick to enlarge
It features the current Trollhattan banner image, the gorgeous front end of the 9-3 Convertible in particular.

To view the store, click here.


The 9-2x shirt

cafepress9-2x2.jpgclick to enlarge

Annoy your Impreza driving friends in this ‘ringer’ T-shirt.

Featuring a 2005 9-2x Aero in black and the words “The best WRX money can buy is at your local Saab dealer”.

To view the store, click here.


The other 9-2x shirt.

cafepresswolf.jpgclick to enlarge

A long-sleeve tee in white with either black, navy or red sleeves. It features a silver 9-2x Aero and the words “Finally. A wolf in wolf’s clothing. Grrrr”

To view the store, click here.

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