The worst Saab review EVER

I’ve just stumbled on this review, by a Mr Sean Bugg, as published in Metro Weekly, Washington DC’s Gay and Lesbian Magazine.

And before anyone asks, I picked it up via Google News, not during a scan of the online queer news (not that there’s anything wrong with that….)


Let’s start with the genesis of the 9-2x. As far as I can tell, it’s an Impreza WRX wagon with Saab sheetmetal and tweaks. Mr Bugg, who I’ll nickname ‘The Bugger’ for the purposes of this report, attributes it to the Legacy/Outback platform.

It is, however, generally easier to tell the difference between a Saab and a Subaru. Or, at least, it was. Now GM has taken one of Subaru’s most popular platforms, the Outback/Legacy, and re-badged it as a popularly-priced entry point into its Saab subsidiary.

Now, I do note that in the US, the Impreza Wagon seems to be marketed as the Outback Sport, however, this IS and Impreza Wagon, make no mistake. It’s marketed under the Outback moniker so as to not confuse the dumb people.

There’s no excuse for someone passing themselves off as an automotive journo getting this so wrong.

Then, in the next paragraph, The Buggerer get busy with this:

Although Subaru only shares a business partnership with GM……

Like, 20% ownership, dah-ling!

Then we go here (i’m leading to the gem of all gems)

The exterior certainly brings the Saab look to the fore, with the distinctive front fascia leading the way. Otherwise, the 9-2X is rather nondescript, with the rounded-wagon end not breaking any new ground. Compared to other Saabs it looks positively diminutive.

Bugger, you’ve covered the exterior, now stop – OK? You’ve made a few mistakes, so just cut your losses, alright?


OK, have it your way:

The interior feels more like a Saab than a Subaru, at least to me (I’ll admit I’m no Saab freak, so I may be missing some subtleties that stand out to others).

Yeah, you missed some subtleties alright……LIKE THE FACT THAT THE WHOLE INTERIOR IS SUBARU.

Dumb car reviews in a gay amagazine……what a pain in the ass!

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