There but…..part II

I wrote last week about Audi and how they held the ball that GM dropped with Saab around 5 years ago, and how they are now enjoying unprecedented success with a diverse and respected range of models. Success that could have been Saab’s to share.

Well, Automotive News Europe gives us some idea of exactly how much success that is. During July, Audi sold half as many cars as Saab sold in all of 2004.

Volkswagen’s premium unit Audi AG reported a 23.4 percent rise in July car sales on Monday, speeding past larger rivals BMW and DaimlerChrysler’s Mercedes Car Group.

A spokesman for the company said the brand’s record figure of more than 72,800 deliveries was due mainly to strong demand for the A3 Sportback and the A6 executive, in particular its wagon version, the A6 Avant.

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