Trollhattan Tee 2

Update: thanks to Greg, it’s been slightly tweaked.

Apologies in advance to an occasional readership from NASIOC.

Following hot on the heels of the Convertible T-shirt, there’s this new concoction. I’m having fun with these. I can give no assurances as to the quality of the products as my convertible shirt hasn’t arrived yet, but if you want to look into getting one, the Trollhattan Cafepress store is here.


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  1. I think the first line break ruins the punchline a little bit. Instead of

    “The best WRX money can

    buy is at your local

    Saab dealer”

    It ought to read:

    “The best WRX money can buy

    is at your local

    Saab dealer”

    The phrase “money can buy” functions as a single adjective, and splitting it up like that makes it harder to pick up the meaning in a single glance — which, of course, is the point of a t-shirt.

    But, on the whole, I like it!

  2. Ken, you’re right. The issue Greg raised was the layout. i.e. having “money can buy” all on the same line, which is what the new one has. Previously the word “buy” was on the second line. The photo has changed to show the updated phrasing.

    Small change, but it does have an effect on the readability.

  3. My $0.25: maybe on back could be bigger font(?) Also, add a large waterwark of classic Saab three-port grille on either front or back.

    Other possible lines in addition to “Move Your Mouse”:

    – “Welcome to the State of Tasmania”

    – “Welcome to the SAAB/GM Collective. Resistance is Futile …. We Will Rebadge”

    – “Find Your Own Foster’s”

    Sorry, it’s a slow day o’er here ………

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