True believers

Someone commented on this post, written last month. I’d forgotten about it, but it seems relevant to republish given the release of the 9-5 in the coming weeks and the hoo-hah it seems to be generating.

The entry was called “Down to Business, part 2”.

The Saab community does seem to be somewhat polarised. I was going to write “at the moment” at the end of that last sentence but I think it’s probably been that way since the first NG900 rolled off the line back in 1993. The latest 9-5 is a classic case in point. There are those who like it and then, there are about twice as many again (at this early stage) that don’t like it.

First, you have your old-timers. They’re not necessarily old but they’re the ‘true believers’, who figure that anything not based on a Sixten Sason design is a watered down piece of tripe and unworthy of the man-hours expended by the noble men of Trollhattan………

……..I dunno, maybe I’m just some stupid, starry eyed goofball. I love the old school Saabs. I own one of them and the next six to eight months of my life are going to be spent in teenage bliss as I get my old 99 turbo fixed up to some semblance of its former glory.

But I’m also a realist. And that’s the problem I have with Seth’s ‘real Saab’ manifesto. It’s the problem that I have with the ‘old timers’. It’s the problem that I have with every defeatist that doesn’t believe that the Saab brand can stand proud again under GM ownership………

……..The fact is that Saab’s future is totally dependant on the viability of its present. This doesn’t mean that functional, practical design has to be thrown out the window. It means that functional, practical design has to be achieved in a manner that can get the product into the end-user’s hands in an affordable, read as viable, manner……..

……..What makes a Saab ‘a real Saab’ will always be a subjective topic. But I wouldn’t decry any of the models that have worn the badge as yet, and it’d have to be a real disaster for me to do so in the future.

You can read the full article by clicking here, if you have the time and the inclination.

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  1. What makes a Saab ‘a real Saab’ ?

    I know the answers…

    Supposed there is a new car company from Sweden name’s Griphen. It’s appearance very much familier with Saab, it’s engine using the same Turbo’s engine with Saab which has improved. And Griphen claimed that all the engineers come from Saab’s factory. Saab’s aeroplane take the major in shareholder of this Griphen.

    everythings give you the feeling of old days in positive view. After sold the brand and its dept. The investors just want to build a new brand with its old heritage.

    In the other hand, in the house of GM. New Saab’s model is preparing to be line up. It’s use the chassis of Opel Zignum, it’s engine is L-850 from lotus, every details is fit to the others GM’car. there are only 2 things that let us know that it is a Saab, that is front grill and the logo.

    Everythings give you a new day but in negative thinking.

    the questions is…

    In the future, for Saab royalist, do you think which brand do they have willing to buy? A Griphen or A Saab?

    And is it possible that some of the Saab 900 9000 owner’s will go to the garage and change their car front grill to be look like the new one from Griphen?

    Saab logo’s is means nothing if lack of it’s soul and I’m not sure that does GM could realise about this fact?

  2. OJ, if such a car were to exist I feel quite sure there would be buyers for it.

    Send me the pictures and I’ll post them. I’ll even start a new Trollhattan blog!

  3. Great insight Orange Juice. This reminds me of some BMW TV commercials a while back showing the soul of old BMWs being inherited by the new BMWs. If only the same thing could happen to SAAB, life would be good again! And, you’re right, it wouldn’t have to say SAAB on it, just so it had the soul of SAABs of yore.

  4. Is “hoo-hah” a common term in Australia? I was under the impression that it was an American Midwestern expression. At least I get funny looks in other parts of the country when I use it. 🙂

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