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I think we’ve heard enough from enough good people to come to the conclusion that the photos that have been published on the saab-cars.de forum are not the 9-6x as proposed. To refresh your memory, here’s the front and here’s the rear.

It’s likely they are for the Chev S3X though (pic here), and could therefore have some Saaby consequences for the future. You might remember that there has been mention of a 9-4x, a smaller crossover vehicle for development and release in 2009.

I think the pics we’ve seen are of the Chevy or similar. And I also think we’ll see the 9-6x for the first time next month at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

I gotta go. Trying to get an uninterrupted 10 minutes on the computer at our place, on a weekend………fuggheddaboutit.

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  1. The 9-4x it seems that is at its final aprovement process. It will be developed with Cadillac(it will be named BRX), and both cars would be based on the Epsilon II architecture and could be built in Trollhattan and use the 2.8 liters V6 engine.

    and would be launched in europe and USA about 2008-2009.

    It seems that will be a big ofensive of new models for this time( between 2008-2010) in Saab, both 9-3 and 9-5, the second generation of 9-2x and possibly the 9-7x, the 9-4x, a new crossover that could be the same 9-4x.

    The new program revived one month ago it says that the next 8 years Saab will introduce 8 new models. The program was hold during the last three years by GM. It seems that in Saab with the new progam revived there are much excitment for the opportunities, and also the new role of the brand as a niche brand, but the problem(I think) is that a niche brand need to add more value compared to the rest, more if the car is build with other and developed with other cars that are more “massive”, that opportunity could be a threat for the future of Saab if GM didn’t kno well what it has between its hands.


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