900 Special Editions

Amazingly enough, through 360+ articles here at Trollhattan, I’ve never done anything specifically on what many think of as the quintissential Saab – the 900.

It’s not that I ignore the 900 or dislike it, quite the contrary actually, but this is mostly a news site and 900 news is pretty uncommon nowadays.

Anyway – it’s time to end the drought. Ladies and Gentlemen (that haven’t visited it before), allow me to introduce you to the Saab 900 Special Editions website.

Ever lusted after a Tjügofem?
1985 Tjugofem 003.jpg

Or regarded a romp with Ruby (she has one heck of a beautiful interior!)?
1993 'Ruby' Edition [UK] 001.jpg

Paul has put together a sensational site. It’s well researched, properly attributed, has heaps of pictures and there’s even links to brochures where they’re available. If you’re a 900 junkie then I’d highly recommend it. There’s over 30 special editions there plus a whole bunch of other super-limited and special purpose vehicles.

Go check it out.

p.s. Yes, I’ve owned a 900 among my 5 Saabs. Mine was a 1986 5-door. Unfortunately I had the auto slushbox, so it wasn’t as much fun as it could have been. My wife still asks when we’re going to get another one to replace the 9000!

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  1. As the owner, editior and maintainer of the Special Editions website in the review, I am deeply honoured. It has been a lot of hard work weaving between fact, fiction and people’s interpretation of both, but it’s shaping up into quite the definitive resource. Of course if any reader spot any inaccuracies, could help out with a photo or two (from the plea section) or contribute any further media, material or text I would be very grateful indeed.

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