9-3 Aero at Motor Trend

OK, I’m on the road and don’t have time to post, but some things you can’t pass over….

Motor Trend have a quick write up of the 2.8l V6 Aero Sport Sedan. It covers the evolution pretty well, including the various tweeks that have been performed to make it all fit in to place.

The last time Saab begged parent GM for an engine with enough cylinders to compete in the U.S., it was thrown an odd 3.0-liter, 54-degree iron-block V-6 and a tiny budget with which to Saabify it. A turbo on the front bank pressurized the whole engine to just 3.9 psi (the internal structure couldn’t tolerate any more), so output was constrained to a ho-hum 200 horsepower, and sales ended in 2003. This new 60-degree turbo V-6 is custom-tailored for Saab……

……It won’t pass for a BMW (we’ve never driven a front-drive car that could), but we expect the new 9-3 Aero to stand tall against other high-performing front-drivers.

Swadenote: I’ve never driven a Beamer that could pass for a Saab, either!

The article is here at Motor Trend.

The eye candy is below….


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  1. Yummy car … and the twin pipes do look really cool, but I can’t help thinking how little power there is for a V6, let alone a turbo-charged V6. SAAB’s own turbo-charged straight four can do better than that without blinking … still … if a V6 is what the punters want then I shouldn’t complain 🙂

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