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I just wanted to say thank-you to everyone that dropped a translation of the ‘Speedheads’ article either in comments or to me via email. You’re all sensational!

The article, in reference to the 9-6x photo, translates as follows:

“SAAB: Two new SUVs to bring momentum

Following the money cutting course including dismissal of a total of 12,000 employees in its european plants, GM will release new models in near future to improve capacity utilization.

For SAAB even two SUVs are to bring new verve. The bigger of the two models will certainly be an offset of the Japanese Subaru B9 Tribeca. Henderson did not disclose whether the second SAAB is to originate on the
same platform as the planned Opel-SUV that is positioned below the VW Touareg or the Mercedes M class. The SAAB models will be primarily produced for the US market.

Source: Auto-Reporter”

Here’s the photo again for those that missed it:

There is a reference, directly above the photo in the Speedheads article, to this being the 9-4x. However I think it is a 9-6x 3-door concept, based on the similarity of the rear-end to the both the photo’s I’ve received before (click here) and to the Tribeca itself.

Pavel’s idea (in comments) about ditching the Suuby taillights in favour of some SportCombi-style lights at the back is a one that Saab would do well to listen to. Not only would it look better but it’d also create a little more common DNA in the range.

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