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This is fantastic!! It’ll take some of your time, but it’ll give you an insight into many different things….

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The videos available at these links are from the 9-7x press days held earlier this year. In each video, you’re seeing for yourself what the press journos see when they go for these test-drive days. The 9-7x test drive day was held in Quebec back in May (maybe June). Back then we read a whole bunch of brief reviews about the 9-7x, remember those? Well, these videos were filmed on that day. You’re getting the whole informational experience minus the ability to drive the vehicles yourself.

Video 1 – this features the introductory presentation by Jay Spenchian. He shows a video about Saab’s philosophy, goes briefly into the company’s history, talks about the current model lineup and then talks in-depth about the 9-7x. What the vehicle is and what it represents.

Watch the video by clicking here.

Video 2 – This is a presentation by Per Jansson with regard to the 9-7x’s chassis development and enhancements. Those of you that think the 9-7x is just a Chevy with a Saab badge slapped on, think again. Per is a chassis development engineer with Saab AB of Sweden. The video will give you some insight into the development and benchmarking process. Really good stuff.

Watch the chassis video by clicking here. Warning, the audio’s not so good, but you’ll get it….

Video 3 – This is an interview recorded with Jay on the same day for Autonetwork. It goes around 11 minutes or so. This is the more user-friendly interview rather than the longer presentation.

Watch the interview by clicking here.


IMPORTANT – These videos are hosted externally to Trollhattan, by Autonetwork. I stumbled across them whilst checking out Google Video. It would seem that you will need to load Google Video’s plugin to watch them. The download page for the Google Video plugin is available by clicking here.

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  1. Hi,
    short translation from the German site:

    Saab: Two new SUV are to bring new life to Saab.

    With the dismissal of altogether 12,000 coworkers from its European works in the near future new models follow, in order to improve the utilization. For Saab two SUVs are to bring new momentum, whereby that will be safe larger of the two models a folder of the Japanese Subaru B9 Tribeca. Whether the second Saab on the same platform as will develop underneath VOLKSWAGEN Touareg or the Mercedes m-class platzierte and planned OPEL UV, left Henderson open. The Saab models are produced with priority for the US market. Source: Autoreporter

    My English is not that good – but that’s the basic message.

    Rgds from Germany, and btw: very cooooool page Swade!


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