A quick look at the 9-7x

I can’t justify slotting this one into my new ‘Road Tests’ category. It’s a quick review of the 9-7x by Automobilemag.com and whilst it’s not a full test, there’s some good lines in there:

Saab’s Chevrolet TrailBlazer-based 9-7X SUV is now plying our roads, and the sky has not fallen, despite the predictions of diehard Saab fans who were horrified by the notion of an Ohio-built Saab truck…….

……The 9-7X is not just a Chevy with different badging and options packages. Real, live, blond Swedish engineers with names like Kjell and Per ventured to the Ohio factory and performed some serious surgery on the GMT360, such as lowering the ride height by an inch, strengthening the frame, firming up the dampers and springs, quickening the steering response, and beefing up the brakes-welcome improvements all…….

……In a world where Porsche recently built its 100,000th Cayenne, there is no question that Saab needs an SUV.

There’s no cheering from the stands here, but it’s a good, quick read.

THey also have a quick look at the 9-3 SportCombi which you can read here.

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