All sorts of reports

There’s various bits of news coming from here, there and everywhere today. Importantly though, little of it is actually coming from GM, so take it all as unconfirmed until we hear something from the grand poo-bahs.

So, until confirmed, here’s a few of the stories:

1. ITV is reporting that the Saab 9-5 Biopower model is now going to be sold in the UK. Presently, there’s very few, if any, petrol stations that can sell you E85, but the decision has been made in the hope that the UK government follows the lead of its Swedish counterpart and throws a whole heap of money into setting up the infrastructure. The Biopower model is perfectly capable of running on normal petrol whilst the customer waits for E85 to become available.

2. Ken has posted a clipping from Car magazine in comments (no electronic link as ‘Car’ is notoriously bad at that) where there’s some rumours floating around about all sorts of upcoming models. How about a 9-1 roadster (aka Solstice in Saab clothing)? Click here to read the full bug. I’ll try and source the magazine later today. Apparently the clipping was originally posted at Saabnet. I’m impressed.

3. Please read the interview with Jan-Ake Jonsson, below. Great stuff.

4. After you’ve done that, please go to the “Tell GM about it” post and have your say. You’re the customer, so take your chance to tell GM what you think of Saab’s current lineup and what you want to see for the future. I’m keeping comments on this post open until October 23, and then I’ll be posting them off to GM, so have your say and pass the word around.

5. Finally, I just noticed that the Saab 900 and 99 book by Lance Cole is going for just $11.95 on my Amazon link in the sidebar (left side, scroll down). Bargain.

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  1. I bought one over this summer and love it. Only beef I have is Lance hardly mentions anything about North American 99/900s and IIRC nothing about the SPG at all.

    Still, a great read and addition to one’s Saab library collection 🙂

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