Another 9-6x shot

Via JWLANKY at Saabcentral.

This photo has been published on a site called ‘Speedheads‘ in Germany. If there’s any German readers that can translate any of the accompanying material, then we’d all be grateful, I’m sure.

From what I can tell, it’s being written up in a forum at Speedheads as a photo of the smaller 9-4x, but it looks very much like the photos I published here a while ago and it looks waaaaaay too much like a Tribeca at the rear to be anything but the 9-6x.


So what do you think? Personally, I think it’s a good starting point. I’m not sure about the huge door handles it seems to be sporting here, and I think if they’re going to do a 3-door, then the doors should be bigger – give it a more sporting feel. Other than that, I think it looks alright.

The word around the traps is that there’s people (i.e. decision-making people) that are unhappy with the whole 9-6x thing as it currently stands, saying that it needs a heck of a lot more work prior to production (which is likely to be why it didn’t get a run at Frankfurt). We’ll wait and see…..

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  1. Now I have seen it all! GM has ruined Saab!

    Michael Mauer was responsible for the monstrosity that is the 06 9-5 and now some idiot has decided the Tribeca with a Saab badge is a Saab. When is GM going to do the right thing and sell Saab to someone who will keep the Saab vision alive?

  2. About tail lights… Why don’t they use the 9-3 SC tail design, I find it great! As far as the door handles are concerned, I don’t mind this black trim at all, and I guess in Aero they’ll be painted anyway. I’d like to see the interior pics though

  3. Here is a translation I made – no guarantee for 100% correctness but it should come close to the text. 😉
    (and please don’t look to close for spelling mistakes – thanks 😉 )


    After firing 12.000 people in their saving programm, GM will have new models following that will be produced
    in european plants to use these resources fully.

    Two new SUVs for Saab shall bring new power and freshness into the programm. The bigger modell is likely to
    be based on the japanese Subaru B9 Tribeca. If the second SUV will be made on the same platform like the
    new planed Opel-SUV (a platform smaller than the VW Touareg or the Mercedes M-Class) is still unknown.
    Mr. Henderson kept this topic open and unanswered. Those Saab Modells are primary aiming for the US market.

  4. I think this is a photoshop based on the earlier shots that were here on the site. The door handle does not fit with the rest of the image at all. It will be interesting to see how the real 9-6X turns out, and when it is shown. I am guessing NAIAS 2006.

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