AutoExpress and the 9-3SC

Those cluey little poms over at Auto Express must have been watching when I changed my banner.

They’ve decided to publish a (ahem) "road test" of the 9-3 Sport Combi. The first page, linked above, is quick ‘n’ easy to read. For the rest, you’ll need to register (free).

Their opinion, at a glance? 

It’s been a long time coming, but the Sportwagon is worth the wait. Good looking, practical and relaxing to drive, it’s a superb addition to Saab’s range. Buyers who want lots of room should look elsewhere, but factor in the excellent diesel engines and competitive pricing, and the Sportwagon should prove popular.

As I intimated, it’s not a full-on road test, per se.  They talk more about the load space than the way the car corners, but it’s better than reading about another bloody BMW.  Am I right?  At the very least it’s a cool way to spend a few minutes.

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