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Since I started this weblog, there’s been a few things happen that have really illustrated the potential of blogging as a medium. It’s direct. It has the potential to remove the middle man (big media) and allow direct communication between, say, a company and its customers. It has the potential to effect change, or at least evoke a response, in a relatively quick manner.

Bob Lutz, GM’s product czar, has a weblog that you may be familiar with and today he’s published his first podcast. It’s mainly concerned with GM’s new line of full size SUV’s and their improved efficiency etc. That’s not a subject I necessarily want to get into here – it’s a Saab blog, right?

The last 3 or 4 minutes of his podcast concern his enthusiasm for blogging, and the potential that’s out there.

I’m glad you’re enthused Bob. Here at Trollhattan, we happen to agree that blogging has a relevance and a role to play and as such, we’re going to play it.

Folks, please allow me some time to put together the guidelines, but we’re going to spend a month gathering opinions and then we’ll present them to the people that matter, in Detroit and in Sweden. They tell us how important the Saab community is, well, I think we ought to test that out.

It’s time to speak your mind, people.

More on this tonight…………

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  1. I like the actual 9-3 range, but it’s our only alternative to the 9-5 , which is just an old lady with a new dress, absolutely no competition with the new Audi, BMW, Mercedes range. And that’s all we have in Europe, … , it’s poor. Look at the offer of our competitors.
    It seems that GM doesn’t want to or can’t give Saab a decent future.
    They promised to make a new Saab every year, and this for 8 years in a row … Yeah, right!

    A true Saab lover, driving them since I got my driving licence.

  2. Barney Scholl
    Western Pa
    I currently drive a 2002 9-3 SE
    I have owned 5 other SAABs
    1980 Turbo 3-door
    1984 Turbo 3-door
    1990 Turbo 3-door
    1995 Turbo 3-door
    2000 SE turbo 5-door

    Current line-up
    9-2 I have driven the non aero. Nice car, low on power but would not consider for my self
    9-3 I have driven various models, impressed with car generally, look forward to seeing the wagon and driving the v-6 although I am not sure that is needed
    9-5 I have driven on several occasions. Very nice car, would consider wagon as next car
    9-7 I have no interest, seems to fill a need

    It would be nice to see a hatchback again, would like to see better handling car, maybe awd, is the v-6 really needed, it is hard to believe that gas mileage would be as good as a four, would hate to see SAAB’s go away, they should be a step above the other GM look alikes.

    Something positive (not required, but recommended)

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