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I got pretty annoyed with the Car & Driver review of the sport sedan class, published earlier this month. Sure, its a subjective reaction, but this is a Saab site and I can be as subjective as I want. The point it, the Saab 9-3 excels in many areas not covered by 0-60mph times.

If you, like me, enjoy road tests that could have been written by a colleague (rather than some fat-assed picky so-called ‘expert’), then here’s a 9-7x review you might like. Straightfoward, succinct and to the point.

Is it a good car? Why was it made? Does it make sense?

Same thing for the 2006 Saab 9-7X as tested here. Using the chassis and drivetrain of GM’s popular mid-size SUVs like the Envoy, the Swedish automaker gets one of the best AWD setups in the world without investing years in development which Saab would have to have done if it tried something like this on its own.

The Saab 9-7X’s cockpit-inspired interior is highly refined and driver-oriented. The centre stack and controls are angled toward the driver airplane style. Like the exterior, it features Saab-traditional strong, brand-distinctive design elements and cues, including the distinctive sliding-plate air vents, the famed cup holder found in the Saab 9-5, and the trademark center console ignition key.

Like all Saabs, the 9-7X is designed to be a driver’s vehicle, with a comfortable, well-controlled ride and responsive handling, as well as a low ride height with firm front and rear suspensions, a thick front stabilizer bar and stiff upper control arm bushings at the rear.

Sometimes the simple things really are the best.


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