Frankfurt – the Saab display

Big, BIG thanks to Martin in Germany for providing this link.

The press preview days are in full swing over in Frankfurt and one of the touring party over there has seen fit to throw a bunch of photos up on a media-centre website. The photos look great, as does the Saab stand for the show this year.

The photos are presented as a slide show. Click here to go to the front page, where you click the button labelled “Diashow Starten” to get things rolling. Once you’re in, there’s photos of the new 9-5, inside and out, as well as some great shots of the SportCombi and Biopower models.

Here’s a sneak-peek….

Frankfurt 9-5.jpg

UPDATE: Bjoern has also written in and has some pictures of his own. You can view them by clicking here. One of Bjoern’s shots is below. Click to enlarge. Thanks a lot, Bjoern!!

9-5 light.jpg

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  1. I am still not impressed, doesnt look like a Saab to me! If they put this ugly mug on the 9-3SS I will start to take BMW even more seriously.

  2. Zippy,

    Say it ain’t so! I know you’ve been up and down on this one, but there is another Saab model out there, you know.

    Stray if you must, but a Bimmer would be the ultimate betrayal 😉

  3. A bit of 70’s style bling eh?

    I actually have a grille off a ’72 model in my garage as an ornament. My ex wrote off the car (grrrr) but at least I have that to remind me (of the car, not her)

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