Posts will be light as I pack my bags and head off to what we Tasmanians refer to as ‘The North Island’ (i.e. the mainland) for a few days.

Comments are now sorted, so fire away.

All the 9-5 pics have been summarised. Use the black picture link to your right (The Saab 9-5 Evolution).

There’s a new T-shirt in the Trollhattan store (see below).

Finally, Give. Hurricane Katrina’s absolutely devastated areas of Loiusiana and Mississippi. SC moderator BKrell lives hours from the area and the reports from there are pretty scary. And they’re nothing compared so some of the really scary stuff on the news. Sourced from GM’s Fastlane Blog, here’s a selected list of charities that are helping. This is the US’s tsunami. Please give.

American Red Cross

Second Harvest

Mercy Corps

The Salvation Army

Cathilic Charities

Southern Baptists

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