Just a quick word about comments being made on the “Tell GM about it” campaign. I’ll draw your attention to the following in the guidelines to the campaign:

The purpose of this endeavour is to provide the powers that be within GM and Saab with some valuable, constructive feedback about the current and future products bearing the Saab name. It’s not an opportunity for you to bash GM or Saab. Constructive feedback is the name of the game, people.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to remove one response, which was basically a rant. Whilst I agree with most of the rant in basic terms (i.e let Saab be Saab), having a crack at GM is not the aim of the game. Unfortunately the commenter didn’t leave a genuine email address, so I couldn’t write to him about it.

So…..Nick, if you’re reading this, please feel free to post again, at least loosely following the suggested format.

Like I said, the aim is to provide GM with some good, constructive feedback from people that love Saab cars.

Anyway, to all of that have commented so far, thanks a bunch. We’re at 26 and counting with over 3 weeks to go. I’d really like to get this in to triple figures, so if you haven’t commented yet (Ken, Buffalo, Eggs, Ryan, Drew, Alex and others) then click here to Tell GM about it and don’t forget to pass the word around.


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