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Big thanks to 1985Gripen from Saab Central for adding some more links to the Saab Variable Compression Engine library here at Trollhattan.  I should mention that 1985Gripen posted the first link I saw at SC to the story about the SVC engine that I reproduced here yesterday.  A hat-tip that I sorely overlooked.  Cheers.

He added the following into comments in the last SVC post and there’s some good links there.  Go check em out…

 I know you might not like it, but there’s actually a pretty good article on this technology over at SAABNet: (addendum: I don’t have a problem with the site, just the holier-than-thou management policy of the owner – SW)

This website (in Spanish) has many good pics of the SVC engine as well as on Page 2 they superimpose the two diagrams of the head on top of each other so if you hover your cursor over it the picture changes to show the different positions for different compression levels:

This Russian website shows the SVC actually in its 9-5 test vehicle. The first such shot I’ve ever seen (repro above):

Someone tell the current management at GM about this shelved SAAB technology, which offers better performance and better fuel economy than their proposed hybrid!

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  1. It’s gross negligence bordering on a crime to let this technology languish. Can you imagine the product differentiation and attention Saab would get for introducing the SVC? Can you imagine the warm and fuzzy enviro-friendly points GM would get for spreading the SVC throughout its line, particularly if it used SVC in the same way as Toyota and Ford have used hybrid technology, i.e., to improve the abysmal fuel economy of SUV’s.

    The only reason not to do the SVC is if the development costs were prohibitive. But nothing I’ve read indicates that there’s an expensive or insurmountable problem with developing the engine (unlike, say, modern two-stroke technology — which apparently can’t meet US NOx emission standards).

  2. The problem that I’ve read about is seals on the engine (and I don’t mean that type that’ll go away if you throw them a fish!).

    I can’t believe that a corporate behemoth like GM would be intimidated by such things however. Like you say, the kudos could worth megabucks over time.

    I think I have another post brewing about this. More later.

  3. There is new SVC patent(claim?), its named “Reciprocating engine”.

    Patent number: EP1568867
    Publication date: 2005-08-31
    Applicant: SAAB AUTOMOBILE (SE)

    It was filed February 2005.

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