My Autoblog top 10

The other day I gave Autoblog a blast for not covering Saab’s new work at the Frankfurt Auto show. Thankfully, my tantrum didn’t go unnoticed, so now I get to write up my Autoblog top 10 and put myself in with a shot at the iPod Nano.

So, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go…….

Number 10
Motorola’s polite cell phone, that will divert your calls when your driving, or put them through when you’re parked. Not that we need phones making these decisions, but it’s a good gimmicky thing to offer. I don’t know what I like about this entry more, the brick-like cell phone the 1990’s snappy-dresser is holding in the picture, or the fact that that Saab 9-3 has had similar technology wired into it since 2003.


Number 9

I don’t think that iPod integration is necessarily the only way to go for vehicle manufacturers (there’s plenty of other music storage devices too, you know) but if they do, then Autoblog’s tip of giving these away as a purchase bonus is a sensational idea. Pity they got the models all wrong though….


Number 8

Any entry that hails the BMW 3-series as ugly is alright by me!!

Number 7

I don’t know what I like more about this entry: the car on the floor, the car on the wall or the girl on the left. Click to enlarge.

Actually, being so happily married, I do have to include the fact that the remark about the girl was included for comedy’s sake only.

Number 6

A blog entry that is truly scary for the PC (i.e. Windows) users amongst us. I mean, we’ve all experienced the blue screen of death at some stage, right? The announcement of Windows Automotive 5.0 sends shivers down the spine. Can you imagine the blue windscreen of death at 110 kph?

Number 5

This entry pretty much sums up the dilemma facing GM because of the deals it’s had to do with the UAW. All these extra healthcare costs mean that GM spends less on steel per vehicle produced than what it does on healthcare for current and retired employees.

The case in point here is the situation where a bunch of old, retired dicks are getting GM to spend over US$15,000,000 per year on Viagra. No wonder the UAW crack a woody every time cutting benefits is mentioned!

Personally, I think the relationship between employer and employee ends when the final card is punched. But that’s me.

Number 4

After kicking up a fuss about having the auto test-mule rather than the manual, I was pretty happy with this entry – it saw the 9-2x Aero get a pretty fair test and end up with a pretty fair result. An important outcome for a publicly maligned car.

9-2x autoblog.JPG

Number 3

There’s a few businesses I see popping up every now and then where I can’t help but think to myelf “well, that’ll be the first thing to go in the next recession”. These are the types of places that are pure indulgence. They have no survival value or element of necessity, however small, whatsoever.

An MTV channel about cars
could fit well and truly into that category. Pure fluff. But fun, I’m sure.

Number 2

My number 2 post is actually dedicatd to a whole category, namely the ‘coupes’ section of the weblog. I love 2/3 door cars and if I were to ever toss aside my Saab loyalty (what?!) it would be for something similar to the cars that grace these pages.

Maybe this one:


Number 1

If i’m going to finish with anything, it would have to be a Saab entry. Given that it spawned a million and one hits almost overnight, I’ll have to go with the Saab to return to three doors entry, which linked to my photos of the 9-6x, as supplied by my Saab spy, Djup Strupe. Unfortunately the vehicle didn’t make an appearance at Frankfurt (and I’ve got the feelers out to explore the reasons why), but it was good to see anyway and I was pleased to share the pictures with a wider readership.

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