No News is……..No News

It’s a slow Saab news weekend, that’s for sure. Must be slow for other forms of motoring news too.

So slow that the Hamilton Mountain News has finally chosed to report Saab’s 4,000,000th model being produced. It only happened around three months ago, but hey.

And The Day, from Connecticut, is publishing Mark Phelan’s story on Saab’s new model range, also from around three months ago.

When it’s slow, it’s slow. And right now it’s slower than a wet week.


Don’t forget to have your say. I’m collecting reader opinions on Saab’s current and future model range and after a month I’ll be sending them off to GM. You’re the customer, so click here to have your say.

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  1. Swade,

    Some wild, wild(?) rumors floating out there about three new concepts/models coming down the pipeline. Potentially very exciting stuff, but success would depend highly on execution, marketing and perception. This is my original post in SaabCentral News:

    [SaabKen]: “Below is the text scoured from the “other” infamous Saab forum. I couldn’t find the link to the UK car mag CAR. So hopefully someone can find the original article which would lend these rumors somewhat more credibility. But the key points are: new Sonett IV/9-1, 9-3X and 9-4X”

    “Do you want the good news or the bad news about Saab? The good news is that a trio of new Saabs, including a two-seat sports car, are edging towards production. The bad news – potentially – is that they follow the blueprint of the 9-2X and 9-7X: Saaberised versions of existing GM cars.

    That said, the proposed 9-1 is highly promising. The two-seat roadster would be spun off the RWD platform that underpins the Pontiac Solstice…………. Equipped with a 250bhp 2.2litre turbo four , the 9-1 would be built in the same US factory as the Solstice……..

    Saab’ former designer, Michael Mauer oversaw the 9-1 before going to Porsche. The grapevine at Russelsheim suggests that the 9-1 could be inproduction by mid 2007, along with two other proposals.

    One is the 9-4X, an upmarket version of the Chevrolet S3X…..with a bespoke body and interior!!

    Finally the most far-fetched proposal, the 9-3V/X, a revamped version of the new Vauxhall Zafira. The ‘X’ designation reveals the big news – four-wheel drive would grace Saab’s version. It would also get more powerful engines.

    A decision on all three new products is due before the end of 2005.”

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