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Big congratulations to the Sydney Swans, who have broken a 72 year drought to win the Australian Football League grand final today.  For you Yanks, that’s the Aussie version of the Superbowl and for you Euro types, it’s the equivalent of, say, a cup final in one of your football competitions.

My AFL team, Carlton, actually finished at the bottom of the table this year (sob sob) but I share my home with 3 Sydney supporters, so I’ve been able to take some joy in the occasion.

To the left is the captain of the Swans, Barry Hall, who is rumoured to be quitting AFL football in the next 2-3 years to become a professional boxer.  True.  The next heavyweight champion of the world.  I’ve seen him box, and you would not want to get in his way.

You Yanks should also keep an eye out for Ben Graham, the new kicker for the New York Jets in the NFL.  Benny’s an Aussie boy as well and a former AFL footballer.  He played for the Geelong Cats, but he’s making a lot more coin now with the Jets (for a lot less work, too!) 


Tell GM About It 

Thanks to the first crop of commenters in the ‘Tell GM about it" campaign.  Good comments all round.

If you haven’t had your say, then scroll down one entry, click here, or click on Mr Big Ears in the right sidebar.

Please keep passing the word around to your other Saabisti friends.  Email may be the preferred method (see below). 


It seems like my 2nd computer access to Saabnet has now been banned also.  This could be for 2 reasons. The first is the GM campaign.  If someone’s tried to post a link to the GM campaign on Saabnet it’s highly likely that it would be red-flagged and disallowed.  If you’ve tried to do that and suffered some consequences from the ‘Saab Nazi’, then I apologise.  I should have mentioned his distaste for other Saab sites when I solicited for people to post it on BB’s and forums.

The second reason could be because I helped someone.  Somebody posted a request there for the Saab Vs Saab poster, which I happen to have an electronic copy of.  I posted a reply offering to email it to them (which has subsequently happened).  It could be that my very presence there is just incredibly unwelcome.

Scott, you’re welcome to fill me in if I’ve got any of this wrong.  Comments are open.  And if you’ve banned anyone for trying, in good faith, to link to Trollhattan – then please reinstate their service.  I didn’t warn them how unwelcoming you’d be, which was my mistake, not theirs (and obviously never yours).

Anyone looking to see my thoughts on being banned from Saabnet can click here

I’ve now been banned for the last 56 days.

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  1. Söker Jobb

    Jag heter Osman Gashi, är 18 år, kommer från Kosovo och har bott i Sverige i 14 år. Jag är en trevlig och omtänksam person som tycker om att ta kontakt och lära känna nya människor. På fritiden så umgås jag mycket med vänner och flickvännen.

    När det gäller jobb så är jag en framåt riktad person som satsar allt på det bästa och vågar ta initiativ. Jag är lätt att samarbeta med, men kan även jobba självständigt vilket inte är några problem för mig.

    Jag har tidigare jobbat i Folkets Hus som arrangör och det gick bra. Sen har jag varit aktiv i ungdomsslussen och sökt arbete.

    Tack för mig och jag hoppas att ni ger mig chansen att visa vem jag är och vad jag går för.

    Med Vänlig Hälsning/
    Osman Gashi

    Tidigare Referenser;

    Folkets Hus, Benny Larsson
    0520 – 422 507

    Ungdomsslussen, Issa
    0520 – 496 889

    Osman Gashi
    Lantmanna vägen 20
    461 60 Trollhättan
    Tfn; 0520-392 26
    Mob; 0762-06 34 36

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