Race Against Time

Oh Boy!

You office workers are in trouble today……

Saab: Race Against Time is an online game being used to promote the 9-3 SportCombi. You have to navigate the SportCombi through a whole bunch of choose-your-own-adventure style decisions to arrive at your destination – Hazards Point. Your time is recorded and you can play again and again to improve your time – I told you there’d be trouble at the office!

If you live in the UK, you can even win yourself a SportCombi for posting the fastest time, or some other great consolation goodies.

Here’s a screenshot – click to enlarge.


Get to it people!!

Oh, and I completed the journey in a game time of 3 hrs 34 mins and 53 secs (that’s not real time, people, just game time).

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  1. I took about 6 hours on my first run-through. The thing seems to be designed to screw people from the US.

    I picked the petrol Saab, and then chose the black pump — no you idiot, that’s Diesel. (Diesel comes from GREEN pumps in the US)

    Then I have to parallel park? I don’t know how to parallel park!

  2. That game is awesome; I will have to try it out some more at home tonight for better times… the time for my first try was 3:29:49. The parallel parking WAS a little tough… I would die if I bumped cars that many time in real life.

  3. Uwbecks – great time. I still haven’t beaten my best time yet. I’m a parallel parker from waaaaay back. We do heaps of it here in Oz, so it’ still a skill to be mastered.

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