A few rumours to consider as the Frankfurt Motor show approaches, both of which concern the new Saab 9-5. Apparently there are a body of folk at Saab in Sweden that are unhappy with the design that was settled upon for the facelift of the 9-5.

First up, here’s the front-end of the Saab 9-3 SportCombi:


The first thing your eyes are drawn to is the Saab name on the ‘wings’ bisecting the grille. Correct?

Question: Do you see the same on the new Saab 9-5? (check the photo here)

Answer: No.

Rumour: Designers in Trollhattan were so displeased with the final model that got the “go-ahead” that they didn’t think it was worthy of the ‘wings’ or the name on the front and so they left them off.

Photos of the new 9-5 were to be released on or around September 12, along with press-releases during the media days for the Frankfurt Motor Show. Photos started appearing on a German website around August 27 and were soon followed by a press release and a couple of officially released pictures.

The rumour: Again, as a protest against the new design, these photos were released covertly by insiders at Trollhattan.


Of course, these are just rumours. Also, it’s evident to me that there’s a much greater acceptance of the new 9-5 than I anticipated. Now that the ‘official’ photos are out there people seem to be warming to the more aggressive styling. I, for one, am quite comfortable with everything except the taillights on the sedan and the interior controls. Trollhattan – You’re all still OK in my books.

Being rumours, they’re open to being mistakes or being mis-stated. So if anyone at GM would like to provide some insight, clarification or correction – comments are always open (or if you’d prefer to maintain a greater degree of anonymity then you can always email me on

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  1. Even more good news {sic} — I was looking at some other GM pics, and the {Non-GPS} new radio (As best as I can tell from the spy pics) is GM parts bin.

    And no more SID. Maybe they put a display below the speedo, but it doesn’t belong there — it belongs up on the dash where a SID goes.

  2. The audio, climate controls are a synergie with the Cadillac BLS, I think that they use it to make more scale economics. Take a look at the speedo of the Cadillac, is quite similar to the Sport Sedan but the on board computer is under the speedo, I think that the 9-5 speedo will be the same.

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