Saab O The Week – 3

Hey all, I’m really strung out on this Race Against Time game. I think I might have to start up a hall of fame here at Trollhattan.

Anyway, big thanks to SaabAudi for sending in his own Saab-O-The-Week photo. It his 2002 model 9-3 2.0t with just under 50,000 kms on the clock. Nice ride and nice photo too.


If you have a picture you’d like included as Saab-O-The-Week, then email me or leave a comment. Remember, not just a nice car, but a well composed picture too.

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  1. Beauty of a car, but how’s that an ’02 model if it’s a SportSedan? I thought the first year of the SS was ’03. Were they introduced in Europe a year earlier than in the U.S.?

  2. Gripen, I think you may be right. It’s possibly a case of a MY2003 car built late in 2002. My 1979 model 99Turbo was built in 12/78.

    Saabaudi, maybe you can clear this up (tho it doesn’t matter too much, it’s still a great pic of a great car!!)

  3. Re: Saab 9-3 SS
    The car had first been permitted in Germany in November 2002. Therefore it is model-year 2003.

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