Saab O The Week 4

It’s going to be hard to keep track of the number of Saab O the Weeks. I also have to count the days banned from Saabnet (currently 53), days off tobacco (lost count, but around 2 months or so), and number of times journalists use the ‘Q’ word when reviewing Saabs (thankfully, this number is dropping).

Anyway, if I’ve reconciled properly, this is Saab O The Week #4, though it’s photo number 5. The photo has been sourced from Flickr. The photographer is 2 Dogs Please click to enlarge.


If you have a photo you’d like featured as Saab O The Week, then email me ( Remember, it’s not just nice cars we’re after, but good quality, well composed photos as well.

To see all the Saab O The Week photos, just click on the category link in the footer of this post.

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