Saab Press Conference – revealing the 9-5

The following is a transcript of the GM Press Conference featuring Carl-Peter Forster and Jan-Ake Johnsson. It is the first public presentation of the new Saab 9-5. All 2 minutes of it!!


CPF: Let’s move on to GM’s premium brand, Saab. We will continue to sharpen Saab’s portfolio with cars that are progressive, sporty and surprisingly practical. Saab’s news here today relates to it’s flagship, the Saab 9-5.

The Saab 9-5 has always been considered a strong driver’s car, but it also been named the safest car in Sweden by the Swedish, Folksam, insurance company. My Swedish colleague Jan-Ake Johnsson will now tell you more about this.

JAJ: It’s quite obvious as you analyse the Folksam numbers, that if everyone in Sweden drove a Saab 9-5, the roads in Sweden would be much safer. And, we would sell 250,000 vehicles a year in Sweden.

(witty banter alert!!)

CPF: Jan-Ake, that sounds like a fairly reasonable sales target.

JAJ: Ah, it’s a little bit of a stretch, I think. But anyway, with the success of the new Saab 9-5 Biopower engine, we’re actually making good strides.

Now, this new 9-5 really shows the future direction of Saab. If you look at the front-end styling, reminiscent of our recent concept cars, it shows the progressive design direction that we’re headed.

The interior is much more modern, and also much more premium. The touch and feel of the knobs, the dials, the grain and more.

And, the enhanced chassis, the new turbo-diesel engine, an upgraded 260hp Aero engine. The sporty driving character of this vehicle really shows the direction we’re taking for Saab.

CPF: Thankyou very much Jan-Ake….

*Jan-Ake drives off into the sunset, well offstage anyway.

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  1. Yeah, I had to giggle at that bit too. He’s got around 1 minute to talk about the car and he chooses the interior, or specifically a description of the dials as a mentionable item. Strange.

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