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Hi all. I’m writing from my nephew’s bedroom in Melbourne. It’s 10am and he’s still in bed, which would be OK if he was a kid on school holidays. At 22 years of age, it’s a worry!! (actually, he has a broken foot and is off work)

Anyway, sales data for August is in. And the news is mixed, but leaning towards the not-so-good.

Saab sold 2726 vehicles during August, as opposed to 2925 for August last year, a drop of some 10%. It seems like the GM Employee discount for everyone scheme is wearing off, or they’ve run out of vehicles to sell (a possibility with the big seller under the scheme, the 9-2x). Sales were down a whopping 3743 units from the 6469 in July.

Sales for 2005 are still up 17% on the same period in 2004.


In other news, Car and Driver have a test of the 9-7x that you can read by clicking here.

…….during its independent run, Saab did earn a reputation for simplicity, functionality, safety, and a certain amiable eccentricity. The challenge for the Swedes still toiling in Trollhättan, Saab’s home office, and its new masters in Detroit, was how to combine these abstractions with GM’s hardware.

How well did this polyglot bunch succeed with Saab’s first SUV, the 9-7X? About as well as could be expected—and maybe even a little better.

Hat tip to Viking for the link.


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