Short Quotes

A few short quotes I’ve come accross this week….

First, from all-round auto enthusiast Robin Capper in New Zulund:

from Car July 2005 pg 135

Saab 9-3 2.8 v6 Aero mini review ~ “Aer we go”

“Judging from Saab’s recent output, it seems they spend every morning soberly working out ways to save the planet*, then sniff their marker pens all lunch hour and in the afternoon devise ways of putting ever more power through the front wheels of the 9-3.”

* Reference to small article on Saab Bio-power pg 98 same issue

Their summary: “If you think Alfa rather than Ford when you think saloon, then add this to your list”

Four stars (out of 5)


Bob Lutz at Frankfurt on the GM Zeta RWD platform (from Car Connection). Once alive, then dead, now alive again but possibly never destined for a gryphon badge anyway:

As originally planned, GM’s Australian subsidiary, Holden, will play the lead in developing the revised Zeta platform. But it is less and less likely that it will be able to export cars based on Zeta, at least to the United States. The Australian dollar’s gain on the U.S. dollar “pretty much cancels your profits margin,” Lutz lamented, so “exports to the U.S. don’t look real promising at this point.”

Word to the wise: given that this platform has been alive, dead and then alive again within about 4 months, and given the fickle nature of the Aussie dollar in comparison to the Greenback – you can expect this line to change again soon.

They used to give Aussie dollars away in restrooms – just wipe to reveal the value!


Another one provided by Robin (see above), but extracted from a site called Grant’s Auto Rants.

And while we’re at it, SAAB should stop worrying about the small segments around the entry category. If this brand is going to stick around at all, it should be positioned to concentrate simply on “European” sedans. Stop throwing good $ after the bad and leave the SUVs and hatchbacks to the other GM brands. Think of the average SAAB driver for a minute, and then try to squeeze them into a hatchback. Its like merging Frazier Crane with Pauly Shore.

Ahem. 900, anyone? Would anyone like to see a new 900?


Finally, Lutz again

What’s less certain is what role diesels will play in GM’s long-term U.S. strategy. With extremely tough new emissions standards coming, Lutz cautioned, there’s no assurance manufacturers will be able to come up with cost-effective, customer-friendly solutions. A solution, he asserted, “doesn’t exist now and anyone who tells you it does is being disingenuous.”

Bob, if you think that all those prominent Europeans aren’t going to bring a diesel into the US come 2007 then you ought to wake up and smell what you’re shovelling.

Jay, time to call Shady Acres (pdf) and let Bob enjoy the sunset…

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