SUV fuel talk

I couldn’t resist this one, from Myrtle Beach Online: The Sun News.

On a recent Wednesday afternoon at a Cumberland Farms service station off Interstate 495, Bill Gillette stood between the gas pump and his shiny, black 345-horsepower Cadillac Escalade wearing a Red Sox cap and the pained look of a man watching his wallet being emptied.

The dollar dial on the pump kept spinning. And spinning. And spinning. Right up to $65.

“God that’s ugly,” Gillette muttered.

Three pumps away, Ken Kisselbach topped off the tank of his Saab for less than half that. Told what the guy in the Escalade had just coughed up, he let out a little laugh.

“Good,” he said. “The people who drive those things are knuckleheads.”

Unless they’re in a 9-7x, of course.

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