The 9-5 interior

A big thankyou to Dutch Vector for giving me the heads up about his new site, which is going to get some traffic in the next few days! He has obviously got some connections somewhere.

To cut a long story short, all the 9-5 you need is at his site, click here. There’s tech drawings, heaps of interior shots, colour schemes, the works. Go check out the interiors below, then check out his site at the link above.


Here’s some interior shots to whet the appetites!!

The Aero interior:
Aero int.jpg

The Arc interior:
arc interior.jpg

The Linear interior:
linear interior.jpg

The Vector interior:
vector int.jpg


Let the record show that I’ve had access to these pics for around 7 hours now. So has SaabCentral. So have you. In these 7 hours, the number of pictures and links available at Saabnet for Saabnet readers is: Zero.

But you can get recommmendations for front-loader washers, as well as tips on how to finish your butcher-block.

No of days I’ve been banned from Saabnet: 38

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  1. As a new-9-5-positive I must say that some of the new colors looks really good. In the images you can see that the doorhandles are colour coded with the rest of the car only in aero-trim. Hmmm guess they’re gonna sell a lot of “please paint my doorhandles”-kits ๐Ÿ™‚

    And at the risk of getting punched upon: I like the interior changes!!!


  2. Martin,

    I’m not overly opposed the way it looks either. My main problem is the fact that some fat old guy in a Buick is going to lean over one day and tell a Saab driver how his Buick radio looks the same as the one in the Saab.

    That should never happen.

  3. It’s growing on me. Like Swade, I’m sorry to see *any* large interior bits shared with another GM product. The coloring might be a bit off in these photos, but I’m also disapointed to see that the dash comes in all black now (Linear and maybe others). The previous 9-5 had a contrasting interior, with the upper dash in black and then the lower dash usually in a lighter color with a colored or wood-grain insert around the controls and such. One of the things, IIHO, that made it look so striking.

    Also, if you check out the photos on that other site, it looks like they might have abandoned the green backlit gages (Not controls, but the speedo and tach) for blue?!

    Guess we’ll see.

    However, rants aside, I’m very happy to see they’ve done up the rest of the interior smartly, including the new seats which look a little more like those in the 9-3. The flush AC vents are still alive and well too — one of my favorite features.

  4. Yeah Ryan, I saw that one too.

    It looks green in all the photos above, though. I’d have a hard time seeing them abandon green lighting. It’s been a standard since I-don’t-know-when. My 1979 99 turbo even has it!

    I think it’s more likely a case of some colour-transfer when they’ve prepared the print.

    We’ll see.

  5. not only Buick Swade…….also Chevrolet, take a look at Chevy Evanda spy shots, its very similar.

    Saab builds the BLS…..or Cadillac take the new instrument cluster, audio and climate from saab, or Saab take those parts from Cadillac.

    the disappointing thing is that at this moments there is a big lack of innovation and capabilities in design and leadership in saab. If that continues as this many time, then the next Saabs that will be in the market in 2008 will demonstrate the same lack of innovation and Saab ideas.

  6. Great effort Dutch Vector!

    I still think the current mocel is much nicer as this one looks all “Orientalised”. Looking at the front Id never know this was a Saab and judging by the fact they put the Saab badge back on the front of the car they feared that others would say the same thing. The interior looks a mess, what is with all those dials? Is doesnt resemble an “cockpit” anymore it looks like any old Chevy ๐Ÿ™ !

    I am begining to truly feel that GM has totally ruined the Saab name and image with the final act of ‘automotive terrorism’ taking place when they get round to introducing the 2008 9-3.

    Having adored Saab for nigh on 23years my eyes are starting to wander – that BMW 5 is one helluva hot looking car!

  7. I just think all these changes were not worth making them. None of them made the car neither better from ANY point of view nor more appealing… Seems like changes for the sake of changes, cause it was high time to do something. The only thing I don’t really mind are the new seats. The rest… brrrr!

  8. Looks to me like all dash lights are green with exception to the instrument dials which are blue. Looks good, very simple and user-friendly …. in other words very SAAB-like. I don’t really care that much now that the ACC is GM corporate parts bin stuff. I’m sure it works and works well, but most importantly it’s no fiddly with gazillion buttons like 9-3 and it’s not a iDrive/COMAND/MMI style approach.

  9. I don’t mind the interior, it still has that nice cockpit feel. But, I still think they should include the NAV system standard and replace the head unit with that. That is what you get when you buy an Infiniti or a Lexus.

  10. I think the Arc’s looking good with the wood trim. Gives it all a little more character than the straight greys and blacks. I must say I’m not and have never been a fan of the brushed aluminium look. I wonder if you could get an Aero with Arc trim?

  11. >>I think the Arc’s looking good with the wood trim. Gives it all a little more character than the straight greys and blacks. I must say I’m not and have never been a fan of the brushed aluminium look. I wonder if you could get an Aero with Arc trim?<<

    Swade, I’m not a big fan of the brushed aluminum look (for cars), but it’s growing on me in my new TL. That said, I much prefer the wood look, and the ARC interior definitely jumped out at me above the rest. But what’s with the white door panel insert? I’m really hoping that’s a white car, otherwise that gets the u-g-l-y award…



  12. I just looked more closely on the interior shots when I realized….. where is the ‘night panel’ button??? they couldn’t have… they wouldn’t dare… where is it… GONE?

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