The Prophet hath spoken

There’s been plenty written, both here and elsewhere, about diesel engines and when Saab could introduce their very successful models into the US. One of my favourite Automotive bloggers, The Autoprophet, has a post just released on this very subject.

AP is a Detroit-based engineer working in the industry, and he sums up the current diesel discussion here:

I regularly hear and read claims that there is some industry conspiracy against bringing diesel cars to the US, or that Americans won’t buy diesels because of the bad taste left behind by the terrible diesel products of the late 70’s.

Both claims are, to use an old fashioned word, bunk……

After explaining the technicalities behind the operation of diesels and the gap between current performance and required performance under existing emissions laws, he finishes with this:

…..If the “value equation” isn’t right, there is no way that automakers are going to invest heavily in passenger car diesels.

Heed his sage wisdom by clicking here. The Prophet hath spoken.

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  1. Swade-
    virtually every AP sentence is debatable. check the bio. SAE engineer working for GM or Ford as C is really german now. It is all about ULSD fuel, but it’s been available for over a decade and the fact that it isn’t law here till June 06(when the trucks that must have it roll in Sept?)is the big multi-industry (oil,auto,gummint)conspiracy, compounded by greed,stupidity,short-sightedness,etc…take your pick. Throw in distractions good(hybrids,turbos,smaller/ lighter/stronger engines/chassis, and bad(CNG, hydrogen, and AWD myths, more steel, higher off the ground is better,safer,more profitable)and it’s no wonder we’re so F’d. Even the “good” Japanese automakers are falling all over themselves building big-ass trucks.

    AP says “diesels don’t spin fast enough”. Try changing the R&P ratio. Then all the “costly” turbos, intercoolers, blocks, pistons, cranks, heads, etc…hey guess what? Your Euro divisions have been buying or making millions for years. In 03 i bought the only non-VW diesel that now rolls on NA roads…and with leather, roof and 6CD it was 27.5K, the same as the petrol car. And yes it was a royal PIA to get over here. But the “proof IS in the pudding” and if SAE needs show and tell or consulting, fortunately there is one obselete model available.

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