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Many of you would have gone and visited Saab Videos by now. This site was set up by Ryan, a guy in Washington. He’s been acquiring these videos from various sources over a long period of time and decided to put them on the web for all to enjoy, which has been a great thing for all us enthusiasts.

Ryan’s written to me this morning. The site has done over 500GB of traffic in the last 15 days!!! Obviously, this situation may have to be addressed. The question is one of affordable hosting.

So, if you’re out there and you know of a kind soul that might be willing to donate some storage space (25-50GB) and bandwidth for a good collection of Saab Media, then please get in touch.

GM, this would be a great thing for you to consider as a service to your loyal customer base.


Welcome to the world William John Stang. My new nephew born 14th September 2005 at 8.15am Vancouver time. A future Vancouver Canuck!! Maybe a future Saab driver too.


Are we all 9-5’ed out yet? I think there’s one more post to come, which will be aimed towards the powers that be at GM.

It’s been a bit disappointing that there’s no 9-6x at Frankfurt. There was word going around that the 3-door variant that I featured here a while ago might make an appearance as a concept. I guess being primarily aimed at the US, it’ll be shown at the North American shows early in the new year.


Finally, a request: pass the word around.

I have a great time putting this blog together and I enjoy everyone’s input through comments and also the tip-off’s that people provide. You’ve all helped make this a better service. Please feel free to pass the site along to all your Saab-acquaintences. I’m more than happy to front up for more bandwidth if it means building a stronger community.

There’s other forums for chatting and etc, but all your current and up-to-the-minute Saab news is here folks: share the word.

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  1. I also would like to compliment you on your blog. I find myself visiting your site more and more regularly.

    However, I have two comments: please include a link to Ryan’s SAAB Videos site so I can check it out, and which Washington does Ryan live in, Washington state or Washington D.C.?

  2. I find myself going here first, then SaabNet for deeper discussion. I really appreciate having one place to go that compiles Saab info, and provides intelligent opinion and analysis.

    Good job!


  3. Gripen, he’s in DC. The site is at

    Sorry about that, I should have included the link, although with his bandwidth problems……

    Dan, David – thanks, but David – faux pas! Actually, I still read Saabnet myself (I’m banned from one IP address but OK from another) to both gather some thoughts and for an occasional giggle. Great people there, just underinformed. Unfortunate, but that’s how Scott chooses to run things.

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