UK sales in August – Phew!

I’m not sure why the poms take a week to get their sales figures out into the public arena, but it was worth the wait.

Saab Takes Off with 69% Sales Growth in August

Flying high on record sales throughout 2005, Swedish car maker Saab has maintained its status as the fastest-growing premium brand in the UK, with another astonishing sales triumph. In August, whilst the overall UK new car market shrank by 2.3 per cent, Saab saw its registrations rocket by almost 70 per cent compared to the previous year. But not only is Saab now the UK’s fastest-growing premium brand, but with the exception of niche car-maker Aston Martin, Saab was the fastest-growing car brand in the UK in August. Year-to-date sales, at just short of 17,000 cars, were 42 per cent higher than the 11,865 cars it sold in the corresponding period in 2004.

It was demand for the best-selling 9-3 Sport Saloon that fuelled Saab’s August explosion in new car sales with registrations of that model increasing by 168 per cent last month compared to the previous year. Saab was also a beneficiary of the surge in diesel cars that the UK market witnessed in August, as its 1.9 Turbo injection Diesel (TiD) engine proved to be a particularly popular choice amongst Saab buyers.

Jonathan Nash, Managing Director of Saab Great Britain remarks: “2005 has been a superb year for Saab in so many ways. Not only have we achieved phenomenal year-on-year sales growth for every month of 2005, compared to 2004 – which was itself one of Saab’s best-ever years in the UK since imports began in 1960 – but this growth has come from every single model across the Saab range.” This is proof positive, he believes, that Saab’s inimitable brand values of Swedish design and aircraft heritage is a winning combination for today’s UK premium car buyer.

He also points out that the good news does not finish there: “With the new 9-3 SportWagon, which arrived on dealer forecourts this weekend, Saab has enjoyed one of the most successful launches in its history. This car, along with the exciting model year 2006 9-5 range, due to be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, will ensure that Saab remains the premium car brand on everyone’s lips this year.”

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  1. According to the salesdroids who hang out on Saabnet, they can’t sell what they don’t have, and their inventory is perilously low. That’s a direct result of employee pricing, of course. Hats off to Saab UK for doing the same without the gimmick.

  2. Vector, don’t know about worldwide. Regions seem to publish their own results and as there’s 50 or so countries, we’ll probably have to wait to year-end to hear the news.

    Phred – Saabwho?

    Only kidding. I’ve received several comments from US dealers stating the same, the low sales month was very much due to low volumes. Next month will be the most interesting as the Emp pricing scheme will be gone. i.e. the rubber will really hit the road.

  3. I wouldn’t want to be a US Saab salesdroid on October 1 (or 3, whenever the program ends). Showrooms will be like a ghost town; everyone who wants/wanted a Saab will get one this month, and even the newly lowered prices will have a hard time arguing against the loss of the “employee pricing” scheme. I have a feeling some modified sort of plan will have to be put in effect by November.

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