9-3 Conv Photos

Two weekends ago I had the distinct pleasure of touring about in a brand new 9-3 Convertible. I was planning to write a big weekend review, but with all the fuss and bother with the Viggen in the last week, I just haven’t been able to form enough coherent thoughts to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys).

Suffice to say that except my trouble in getting a CD to play, the car drove superbly, carried me comfortably and the versatility of the roof design gives Saab justice in defining it as the 4-seasons 4-seater.

The following photos were taken by a good mate of mine here in Hobart, Stu. We’d meant to do a bit more tweaking, dodging and burning with these, but I think they stand up OK as is. My words would have just been an accompaniment to the photos anyway, so i think I’ll just post them and stand aside.

9-3 Conv cremorne.jpg

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9-3 Conv interior.jpg

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9-3 Conv engine bay.jpg

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9-3 Conv on road.jpg

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9-3 Conv dash driving.jpg

That’s me driving, tres sophisticated in my flanelette shirt and trusty old SCCA cap!! Stu riding shotgun (or Canon) looking cool in the sunnies.

swade n stu.jpg

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  1. The 9-3 is very nice in all its guises but i must be getting old and have to say i just lurve the wood in my 9-5 on the dash.

    That second from last shot is nice and sharp considering you’re doing 80 ks. Either the suspension on the vert is very good or your roads in Tassie are far better than what we get on the mainland.

  2. You were in a pretty base model too. If you get one jazzed up with the Nav system in the radio, and the automagic climate control, it puts some displays in the dash to cut down on the plastic sprawl.

  3. Yeah, ours was the base 1.8 litre Linear. It was black though, so that’s cool!!

    I was chatting with a mate in Melbourne this morning and he’s got the use of an Aero convertible for a few days. Lucky mongrel!!

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