9-6x: RIP

As rumoured earlier, it does appear from news reports around the traps that the Saab 9-6x has bitten the bullet.

There’s a report here in Dutch about how the 9-7x is quietly slipping into Europe in place of it’s dead brother. For those that prefer English, Yahoo have a story, basically the same as the one I put up earlier, but with more detail.

“We’ve had a good partnership; however both GM and FHI came to the conclusion that there were not enough collaborative projects to sustain the alliance and that each of our interests could be better served through a different approach,” said Troy Clarke, GM group vice president and president, GM Asia Pacific. Clarke resigned as Fuji’s director of the board Wednesday.

Since GM acquired a stake in Fuji in 2000, the companies have been working together in product development, advanced technology and global purchasing. GM will continue work with Fuji on one production vehicle, the Saab 9-2x, GM said. But other projects will end, including the joint development of a crossover vehicle, announced last year.

This last section has now been confirmed in a GM press release.

Jan-Ake, can I buy this one?? I’ll give you $5


PS. Thanks to all of you that wrote to me on this subject whilst I was snoring away in the Australian night time. Cheers.

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  1. Have to say that “GM’s all ears!!” thing is working better than I expected, already two come true!

    a)9-6X axed
    b)Saab Subaru cooperation ended

    *big thumb up*

  2. It’d be great if we could claim responsibility for that one, huh?

    Now, all we’ve got to hear is that they’re building the 9x and life will be just about complete.

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