Bob’s Aero

Saab USA have all three ‘Born From Jets’ ads on their website. You can view them by clicking here: Born From Jets.

I’m not sure I’d bother if I were you, though. It’s truly a case of “Seen one, seen ’em all” as all three ads are exactly the same, except one has a convertible, one a sedan and the other a Sport Combi. I guess Jay was right when he said they were working within a tight budget.

The interesting thing on the cover page, however was the link to Saab concept vehicles, with the by-line: “It’s your chance to see what’s just down the road”. Now, I don’t take that as any sort of promise that we may see a 9-3x some day, but it’s interesting to see them push it that way.

Interesting too, was the fact that the 9-3x press release says the following about Bob Lutz:

After a few minutes of prepared speeches, a surprise guest took the stage – none other than GM’s own Bob Lutz, driver of an ’02 Aero SportWagon and an avid supporter of the Saab brand. Lutz spoke briefly about the dedication and loyalty that buyers have shown to the Saab brand, and promised that GM shared the same dedication.

First up: I wonder if Bob’s still driving a Saab on occasions.

Second: I wonder how that promise in the last line is holding up.

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