Born of Jets

Here’s a SportCombi TV ad. I’ll only leave it up for a limited time though as the bandwidth may prove to be a killer.

Click on the link to watch the “born of jets” Saab Sport Combi Advertisement. It’s a Windows Media Video file of 2.5mb.

After watching the ad, go leave your thoughts for GM on Saabs current and future product range by clicking here.

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  1. They got the right idea re-linking SAAB and aeronautics. But this particular ad didn’t do it for me. Were people “startled” in a good way (or was it noise pollution ?) ? Did it cause them to all of a sudden like Saabs ? Inconclusive.

    But the sound effects is damned good. Turn up your PC’s 3D surround effects, even better if you got at least a sat/sub setup 😀

  2. This ad doesn’t work well for me. “Our new car is loud and fast and uses lots of fuel.” Plus the sound of jet engines nearby in a city makes me think they are about to crash into buildings.

    I realise you can’t pack everything that’s great about a car in a 30 sec spot, but I don’t think people care anymore that Saab started as an airplane company, and they’re not part of one now. So did BMW, and apparently Subaru, likely others. The airplane connection to me lies in the cockpit and driving experience. Regardless, it looked like an inexpensive ad to create and produce, so maybe there are better ones to follow.

  3. I thought the ad was pretty good, but airplane sounds+people suddenly looking up was quite the throwback to 9/11/2001 for me too.

  4. I can only agree to the opinion of David Wishart about this advertisement.
    It has been shown some weeks ago in the german tv at prime time shortly before the 20.00 h news.
    When I heard the noises of this ad and saw the people heads looking upwards to the sky I directly became remembered to the horrible pictures of September, 11. I was glad to see only the 9-3 Combi. But a bad feeling stayed to me.
    I published my impressions in a german saab-forum. One of the participants wrote in the sense. “Your feeling on this ad may be negative but nevertheless Saabs advertisement people have done a good job since this video will remain in your brain”. To my regret this is true.
    Yesterday I saw the video again. Seconds after its beginning my distressing feelings appeared. But despite all these objections it is very impressive.

  5. I really like that ad and I can’t see a connection with 9/11 more then I would see one when looking at the ocean and thinking of what happened in Asia or when having lunch thinking of all the people starving to death in Africa.

  6. I like it. I agree with Christopher. People worried about the noise pollution or 9-11 need to relax.

    Watching the ad. 9-11 never crossed my mind until reading these posts and I was right across the river that day.

    The jet sounds are from small fighter planes (Viggens I assume) not big airliners.

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