Desperately seeking junket

The Australian International Motor Show is coming up and the Saab 9-3 Sport Combi is making it’s Australian debut.

Autoweb has an article here. Gee, how cool would it be if Saab Australia decided to fly Saab’s most dedicated blogger up to see the show and the car. Maybe I could work for my supper: take a test drive, write a review and do an interview for publication here on the blog? I could even sit for a job interview if you’re looking for enthusiastic staff!!

Yeah, that would be really cool. If you happen to be Saab Australia and you happen to be reading this (I believe that collective entities can read, OK) and you happen to agree that it’d be money well spent sending Saab’s most enthused, dedicated and committed blogger to the AIMS, then email me (

Go on. You know you want to…..


Alaero, any strings that can be pulled here? Tony? Ralph? I know you’re reading this!

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  1. Ben, you’re a gent.

    The SCCA gets fantastic support from Saab Oz. We’re pretty much officially backed by them as far as I know. They support us with ads in the best club magazine on the planet (go SAB!!) and I’m sure there’s other support that I don’t know about.

    Our local dealer is very supportive of the Tassie chapter, allowing us the use of dealership facilities when required as well as flags and even vehicles for displays etc.

    We all have a pretty good working relationship and I don’t mind proclaiming it out loud here on the site (and that’s not extra schmoooze to grab a trip to Sydney – it’s a fact). Tony B at Motors Saab here in Tassie is a champ!

  2. Swade,
    if you can get up here somehow, you’re welcome to stay at my place. Provided of course you’d consider reciprocating for the Targa….

    How about using some frequent flyer miles? Surely it can’t take that many points going Hob/Syd/Hob.

  3. I gotta get the Rotary club in Canberra some of that offical love.

    When the new MX-5 was launched Mazda Oz flew (!) (so I understand) the presidents of each state’s MX-5 club to Sydney for the razzle-dazzle. Now that’s corporate largesse.

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