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I won’t post long on these as they’re more about automotive progress than Saab news, but they’re quite interesting anyway.

First up, Sweden is aiming to break it’s dependence on oil by 2020. It’s funny how you hear other countries say it and it sounds like political rhetoric. But when the Swedes say it, you believe it can, and will, happen.

Secondly, here’s a comprehensive look at the state of flex-fuel, biodiesel, hybrid and other powertrains around the globe. It’s a very well researched and written article. The fuss about alternative fuelling is really growing. Debate has resurfaced even here in Australia, where the secret blending of gasoline with 10% ethanol was The Hidden Evil being practised by fuel companies. We have a heck of a lot of sugarcane growing up in Queensland, so it’ll be interesting to see which way the wind blows in this latest discussion.

I wonder how much a 9-5 BioPower would cost in Australia…..

Addendum – Autoblog have a nice pointer to a piece evaluating the cost/benefit equation for potential Hybrid consumers. It’s pretty much from a financial perspective only and I can’t vouch for the numbers, but it’s an interesting read, regardless.

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  1. Swade-good links and yes the “fuss” is growing. I’ve also been trying to learn some swedish… (bransleforbrukning, that’s fuel mileage) and troubling that it’s missing on the 9.5 bio specs. Realizing the BTU content of E is some 40% less than petrol, I hope that Saabturbotech can overcome that as we illinoisians have shiploads also. But don’t overlook the biodiesel
    magic…last week dzlsabe went Boulder to Chicago on 100% bioD(27g at $3 per…~40mpg)the first time i’ve gone so far, so fast on veggie oil. Good riddance petroleum. BTW, cut the debate bring tonnes more E and bioD. And hybrids…see greencarcongress.com

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