Future Saab Crossover?

The Car Connection have a brief report that a new Opel slated for development by 2007 will also be used as the basis for a luxury Saab crossover around the same time. It’s talked about as the biggest Opel ever built, bigger than your usual MPV, slotting seven seats into it’s next-gen Vectra architecture.

My goodness, that’s going to be one busy little platform, isn’t it? If my can’t-be-bothered-looking guess is right, then the Vectra’s an Epsilon vehicle, which means that Epsilon II will house the 9-3, 9-5 as well as whatever this vehicle turns out to be and countless other models for GM’s other incarnations.

Don’t get me wrong, the more Saabs the better – as long as they’re worthy of the badge. It just surprises me how many different vehicles they’re planning on this architecture within one brand. Especially when the goal is to actually standardise these platforms for manufacture anywhere in the world. That would tend to suggest less individuality, rather than more.

Hmmmm. Maybe the facts are starting to wear at my seemingly boundless optimism. *Never!!!*

The Car Connection has some photos with their article, however I don’t think they’re there for any other reason than as filler. Have a look for yourself at the link above: one’s too low at the rear to fit a rear row capable of seating anything other than vertically challenged pre-schoolers and the other’s an old looking wagon.

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