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I don’t want to turn this into a GM-blog, but this article is an interesting one.

I’ve heard others ask the question “What the hell is Bob Lutz doing for his salary?” He was lured out of what I assume was ‘retirement’ by GM in 2001 and GM has lost marketshare ever since.

The following article, from BusinessWeek, analyses the design challenges at GM and how they’re looking to overcome these.

GM’s design push picks up speed.

It mentions the secret showing of new GM vehicles to selected members of the press earlier this year. By all accounts, and I mean all accounts, these vehicles were butt-kicking cars in the making. All and sundry that came away from that specific glimpse into the future were very, very positive about what they saw.

What I’d love to know is whether or not there was a Saab amongst the cars shown.

Anyway, the article is a well written insight into GM’s challenges from a design vs engineering vs bean counters perspective. Recommended reading.

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  1. Oh bugger, I just posted 2 comments to the wrong article. I’ll spare you the details of how and why, suffice to say that I’d prefer to be in bed asleep and here I am on the interweb…

    First the good news: Add another to the family! My brother-in-law’s father has just purchased a 1997 9000 CSE. Yeah baby!

    Anyway, I am far younger than my ornery and skeptical demeanor towards Saab would suggest, but I sure hope the “aggressively styled Malibu” mentioned in the article isn’t a Saab 9-3SS with Chevy badges {grumble grumble}

    I hope it’s painfully clear to the GM execs what will fly and what won’t with Saab. 9-2x? Can’t hardly sell them. 9-3 Sport Combi? What did I hear about that model and Euro sales?

    PS — If Europe is now developing Saabs, I think we {The Saab community} are worried that this will make our cars less unique and less desirable, but really I think it’s a great thing!

    Saab are not for the average person. They’re great cars, but not everybody can deal with night-panel buttons, side-reversing lights and console-mounted ignitions…

    But wouldn’t it be great to be able to recommend another GM car to somebody and find that it included some “Saab ripoffs” like pouches on the front of the seat and anti-whiplash head restraints?

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