GM sell half-stake in Subaru

How about some serious rumour-mongoring??

Fact: Today, GM has sold half of it’s 20% ownership stake of Fuji Heavy Industries (let’s call them Subaru, shall we) to……wait for it……Toyota!

The cash will be welcome given the recent downgrade of GM’s stock and the fact that the investment in Fuji hasn’t exactly rocked the planet in terms of ROI.

OK, so – rumour? There has been whispers in various quarters about the fact that senior Saab people in North America expressed quite a bit of discomfort with the current state of the 9-6x, to be built on the Tribeca platform in Subaru’s plant in Indiana.

It’s all but officially confirmed that there would be no more Saaburu co-operation on another 9-2x. Could this transaction signal the end of the beginning for the 9-6x?

Let’s wait and see, huh?

Any inside info is always welcome via email.

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  1. Good riddance, FHI. With all due respect to FHI/Subaru, I’m not sure just how much benefits GM and Saab really netted from the alliance. I think the long term strategic relations with Opel/Vauxhall will better serve Saab, as I think Saab still needs to conquer Europe and global markets in terms of sales and product portfolio.

    Yes North America is still Saab’s biggest market right now, but with the Germans and Lexus/Acura’s continued power dominance in the luxo sports sedans market, Saab should be in a more capable and competitive place against those big guns by keeping close working relations to its other European partners.

    My $0.25

    PS: I can see the 9-2X, particularly the Aero, become collectors’ item one day.

  2. It seems that the crossover it was in development is cancelled, but the 9-6x its unknown what will happen.

    Its incredible the waste of money that GM made in Saab with its bad decisions…..the 9-2x, the Subaru-Saab cooperation and so…then GM always says that all the problems of Saab are in its “independecy” in the management and extra costs of development in the 9-3ss and that avoided that for example Pontiac uses the 9-3 convertible for its G6 cabrio, the reduction of scale economics, volume, low production, low ratae of usage of the factory etc etc etc….pffffff

  3. I wonder what the odds @ the bookies are, that GM sell Saab to FHI.
    FWIW, I think a Saab/FHI/Toyota would actually make quite and interesting combination.
    All marques are covered
    Sion/Toyota (Entry level)
    Subaru (Performance)
    Toyota (Main stream)
    Saab (Premuim Brand/performance)
    Lexus (Premium Brand/Luxury

    Not convinced, Think about the model range Saab could have using the following platforms
    Aygo,Yaris,Corolla,Impreza,avensis,camry,legacy,tribeca,land-cruiser,amazon, plus the new IS,GS,RX series from Lexus (Which probably use some of the above plateforms anyway)

    And what about the future Celica/MR2 CC due around 2008?

    Oh and one more very important point, Toyotas DON’T break down.

    I think Saab could bring alot to a Toyota/FHI table in terms of turbo engineering, fuel efficient engines, and interior design. And in return Saab get cars that work and perform. Fair trade IMO.

    But hey The grass is always greener….

  4. toyota also bring:

    Build Quality
    A profitable business model
    green engines
    4cyl expertise
    Front wheel drive expertise

    its a interesting thought.

  5. Eduard!! Where you been? Long time, no read.

    PT – I know I’d come around to it if it happened, but I’ve just got “issues” with merging one of the most disctinctive brands around with the makers of whitegoods-on-wheels. Very successful whitegoods, but whitegoods nonetheless.

    If they developed a Saab rally car, then I’d be in boots and all! Oh, What a feeling! Saabota!!

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