I’d love to know how much Saab spend with a company named iPerceptions….

iPerceptions captures the attitudes and perceptions of actual web site visitors within the context of their actual site visit to discover the issues that matter most and predict how various site attributes impact customer satisfaction…….”By combining our extensive expertise in predictive modeling and pattern recognition with advanced text analysis, we’ve laid the foundation for an entirely new level of customer satisfaction and experiential research,” says Duff Anderson, Vice President, Research & Development at iPerceptions…….

Tell you what, Duff. Why don’t you take a break and I’ll collect your cheques from here on.

GM, your customer’s perceptions are right here – unfiltered and digitally unenhanced.

Saab owners, drivers and customers – you can tell GM exactly what you think about Saabs by clicking here. You’re the customer, have your say.

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  1. Ah c’mon swade, actually talking with customers is so old school mate. Next thing you’ll propose that they listen as well!

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