I’m speechless. I am without speech. And smug too.

Autoblog are reporting on an AutoWeek story that will have all you Saabists saying “I told you so”. I don’t think I need to describe it any more than this:

Is the future turbocharged?

Turbocharged gasoline engines could be the unsung heroes of automakers’ battle to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy.

Turbocharged engines can accomplish both by getting power equivalent to a larger normally aspirated engine out of a smaller turbocharged unit. The result is reduced carbon dioxide emissions and better mileage. AutoWeek reports that European automakers are increasingly focusing on these engines, with VW expecting 50 percent of gasoline cars in Germany to be turbocharged by 2010.

The interesting thing is that in the entire Autoweek article, an article purely about the ongoing development of turbocharged gasoline-engine cars in Europe, there is not one reference to Saab.

Hey, they’ve only been doing it for the last 28 years or so! It’s not like they’re experts or anything!!!!!

If anyone’s ever said that Saab is adequately marketed, they should be first against the wall in a new revolution.

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  1. Perhaps we’ll hear next about front-wheel-drive and the return of the five door hatch as the future of motoring……hmm!?!?!

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