Lazy Sunday Saab post

I feel a little guilty having not blogged much at all on the weekend, but to be truthful there hasn’t been much happening and as it’s the start of spring here in Oz, it’s been too nice outside to be bothered trying.

So here I am on a lazy Sunday evening, listening to Gomez, and communicating just because I feel I should. Let’s see what I can come up with.


Ted emailed me this one before I could check my feeds. Cheers, cobber!

It seems that old-fashioned Saabists weren’t the only ones that didn’t want the 9-2x to come to market.

NEW YORK, Sept. 30 — King & Spalding LLP, a leading international law firm, represented General Motors Corporation, SAAB Automobile AB and SAAB Cars USA in securing an important victory for the automotive industry on September 21 when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit affirmed a ruling by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissing a claim brought by Subaru Distributors against Subaru of America, Fuji Heavy Industries, General Motors Corp., SAAB Automobile AB and SAAB Cars USA. Subaru Distributors brought suit against the automotive companies to enjoin the sale of “rebadged” cars, those allegedly manufactured from designs used for Subaru models.

Last week’s ruling reaffirmed the District of New York’s ruling that Subaru Distributors failed to state a claim and does not hold exclusive distribution rights to non-Subaru brand vehicles not distributed through Subaru of America…..

…..Subaru Distributor’s complaint alleged that since 1969, Subaru of America has had a contract with Fuji, manufacturer of the Subaru vehicles, granting Subaru of America the exclusive right to distribute certain Subaru brand products in the United States. In 1975, Subaru of America entered a Distribution Agreement with Subaru Distributors, granting Subaru Distributors the exclusive right to distribute Subaru brand vehicles, parts and accessories in New York state and northern New Jersey.

In addition, after acquiring stake in Fuji, General Motors announced in 2000 that it had entered a “technical alliance” with Fuji. In 2003, GM and SAAB introduced the SAAB 9-2, which would be manufactured by Fuji. According to Subaru Distributors’ complaint, Fuji agreed to sell SAAB and GM an automobile substantially similar to the Subaru wagons that would allow SAAB to compete against Subaru in Subaru Distributors’ geographic territory. Subaru Distributors alleged that Subaru of America acquiesced to this plan.

*Imagine if they’d have won!?!? The precedent set by such a case would mean that we’d quite likely never see another brand rebadged as a Saab ever again!!!

The Horror…….

* insert own preferred level of sarcasm.


I’ve started a screen printing class. Tomorrow, with a view to eventually doing these on T-shirts, I’ll be doing a preliminary tryout of this…..


Any suggesteed color combinations can be left in comments.


I hate renovating bathrooms. Thankfully the 2nd-last day’s work got finished today. One more day of fiddly little things to go.


Thanks all for my first 1,000,000 hit month. Trollhattan got 1,263,000 hits or thereabouts over the course of the month from 13,845 unique visits. You folks are sensational. Here’s hoping for an eventful October.


Scary news coming this week…….that would be the September sales figures. It mightn’t be as bad for Saab as for others, but there’s bound to be heaps of doom and gloom stories floating around. inventories have been dwindling and then there’s the whimpering end to the various employee discount schemes.

I predict that somewhere, someone is going to fall on a sword, be it ceremoniously or otherwise. Let’s wait and see.


I hope your weekend’s been as fine as mine.

If not, there’s still time to get yourself a Gomez CD, get a haircut, a gold tooth and get yourself arrested.

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  1. Must admit I like the t-shirts idea more than your previous ones. I think the TURBO logo is all you need while the 92x – based one you have in your shop at the moment seems a bit too clever. Sorry if that hurts.

    TURBO seems more saab. You could probably do a whole series simply based on engines & logos etc. Griffin, Aero, 99, 2.3T .. I’ll buy one.

    Colours – maybe black, white & grey?

  2. Pt, no worries. The 9-2x shirt was basically for the 9-2x crowd only. I haven’t promoted it much at all on the 9-2x BB but might in the lead up to Christmas.

    I can’t do Tshirts with Saab logos on them at that site (Cafepress) due to copyright constraints, though I think the old Saab logo might be alright.

    The shirts are OK quality. I got mine a few weeks ago and I’ll probably get a few more once I find the time to design them. The advantage of doing it that way is that you don’t have any of the limitations of regular screen printing, and also, I don’t have to carry any stock.

    I’ll try the screen printed turbo badge on paper tomorrow and hopefully graduate to printing on shirts in the near future!! I’m thinking of a small 99T silhouetted (spelling?) above the ‘T’.

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