Hi all,

It’s the weekend here and I’m using it to do some blog maintenance. Hopefully i’ll be able to get some new links up and a mostly-new colour format, just to keep things interesting.

Luckily it’s all quiet on the newsfront, so you’re not really missing much whilst I’ve got my head buried in programming code. All you US residents, let me know if you see the new ad campaign “Born from Jets” that’s starting this weekend. I’d love to hear your reaction.

Otherwise, feel free to browse the archives. You can do it by months, or by category, using the sidebar on your right.

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  1. The new page header with the crop of the facelifted 9-5 looks good. I wasn’t too keen on the line of red cars posted the other day from that pommie review but the shot above is good. Makes it look nice and quick.

  2. Paul – I saw that lineup of red cars too. The colour doesn’t suit AT ALL – but this photo looks alright.

    I think black, silver and white are going to be the main sellers for the 9-5 for the next few years.

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