Mid cycle refresh complete

Hey all,

The blog got the 9-5 treatment on the weekend, with a slightly altered look and a few tweaks here and there. The major changes:

* Fittingly, the 9-5 has been put on the banner at the top.

* I’ve incorporated a new ‘blogroll’ on the sidebar to the right, with a whole host of links for Saab sites of different kinds. My apologies to those of you that I promised a link to in the last refresh a few months ago. This new plugin to the software has made it much easier to provide links. If you have a Saab site and would like a link on the Sidebar, then please drop me an email (swade99-at-dodo.com.au)

* I’ve also bunged up a few more ads. All the money raised at this site goes to paying for either (a) it’s continued operation, or (b) fixing up stuff on my Saabs. So please know that when you click, you’re contributing to a good cause 😉

* I’ll rearrange the features on the right sidebar shortly. The “Tell GM” campaign has now finished, so I can feel a 9-3x link coming up to replace it.

Hope you continue to enjoy the ‘refreshed’ site. Of course, a thorough revamp is due in 2008.

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  1. I agree that it looks great. I visit your blog every day and continue to find info I don’t find anywhere else.

    If you’re going to add a 9-3X link, why don’t you go ahead and add an SVC/SCC link (my personal favs)? 😉 And a 9-X one while you’re at it! Okay, that’s enough of my requests.

    Thanks for such a great site and a place for us to comment, Swade.

  2. Nice site. Have one thing i liked to be changed. (well if you like tha idea of course) I think external links like magazines etc should open in a new window.

  3. Tobias, I’d like that to be the case too. I’ll talk to the guy that developed the plugin program that enables the ‘blogroll’ and see if code for that can be added in so that it’s automated.

    Thanks for your thoughts and to everyone else for your comments too.

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